Hamilton Spectator

Nov 2001

“Sutherland’s Scotland” - Transit gallery , Hamilton, Canada

The Scottish landscape is Wendy Sutherland’s subject, but rather than imitate nature, she mixes the memory of her impressions with a delicately abstract patterning. She is inspired by the rugged Scottish Highlands where she was born. I’m especially drawn to her mountain views, which are at once forbidding and fascinating.

They are 21st-century representatives of a tradition beloved of Romanticist painters from the late 18th century onward. Sutherland creates the perfect mix of the life like and the abstract. She knows her landscape first hand, yet her rendering of it is not strictly mimetic.

Sutherland’s black and white series, Webs, contrasts with her dramatic mountain views as she comes up close to the smaller, more intricate patterns of nature. The bare branches of trees turn into webs as the twigs grow finer and finer.

Regina Haggo