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Nov 2002

This versatile artist is not afraid to take technical and emotional risks: angry reds are overlaid with tar to produce a savage image that hits the viewer between the eyes. Combined with often turbulent and romantic colours in unusual combinations, other pieces feature the spiderweb delicacy of white pencil on dark paper, or deft use of computer enhancement in combination with traditional ink techniques and sensitive use of textures and carefully chosen papers. Nothing is left to chance by this artist. This is not easy art but its effects are as immediate as a kick in the teeth or a kiss.

Many of the pieces on display have already sold and it is predicted that Wendy Sutherland’s art will be very collectible in the next decade. Call her an “abstract landscape” painter, yet her landscapes would be understood by every hill shepherd or hill-walker for any good artist needs to have complete mastery over the colour palette to suggest the hills of Sutherland or Lochaber. Many leading art critics think that Wendy Sutherland has that mastery.

Tom Bryan